One Cold February Night

Boy oh boy, am I glad I buy and love coats and jackets. I know that my family feel the same after the weekend we had. Let me tell you, the very worst thing that could happen during the month of February. During one of the coldest months of the year, of the winter. February is always a super cold month. To have happen what happen to us was just disastrous.

Ok, here we go, just thinking about this gives me the chills.

Anyway, last weekend my family and I was enjoying a nice night in. It was cold outside so we all made plans to gather, eat, have cocoa, play some board games, then make it a Netflix night. We had just finished a rousing game of monopoly. It became intense too, how only monopoly can. One of my kids were stealing from the bank, I know it but I could not prove it. How we play, a person must be able to prove that someone is stealing from the bank. Then there is a whole trail and so on and so forth.

As I was saying, we had just finished with monopoly and everyone was getting ready to watch movies. Folks started changing into their pajamas; blankets were brought from the linen closest, slippers placed on feet. I had set out a little snacking tray along with some popcorn for everyone to munch from. We were really doing it big!

As we all sat there, enjoying the movie when my husband felt a change in the temperature. I agreed with him that it did feel a bit colder than usual. He ask our son to check the thermostat and see what it is set at. If it is below such a temperature to turn it up a degree or two.

He wanted to check if our furnace would kicked on or not. We had just had our HVAC system tuned up last year. We kept meaning to have the technician come and check it again.

Well, long story short the heat stopped working. We were forced to a call our heating contractor at Premium HVAC Services. They were able to send someone out that night.

In the meantime, we found our electric heaters in the closest and grabbed some extra blankets. Plugged in those heaters, bundled up, and everyone got a little closer to each other on that couch.

Waiting on the technician to come and save the night!

Very Versatile Piece of Fashion

I cannot believe I have fallen in love with poncho. Of all of the gorgeous pieces of fashion for the life of me I could not get into the poncho try as I might it just was not happening for me. I refuse to even buy the dungeon thing for my family either. I remember last year my daughter ask me for some type of clothing resembling a poncho and I quickly put it back and suggested something else. That, thankfully, too her mind off the poncho she originally picked up. This old bait and switches have been working on children and love ones since the beginning of time.

However after allowing myself to open myself up to the possibility of a cute and adorable poncho that does not make me look like an extra at a Grateful Dead concert. Alternatively, a teenager with the machines, from the nineties of course, I do not think its cool nowadays to wear a poncho. Actually, I know it is not cool.

With that being said, the poncho that I remember and despised have greatly improved over the past fifteen years. It has grown, altered and flourished as the fashion forward item that we now have to pleasure of purchasing and wearing.

Many can be worn in any situation. Casually on a trip to the store or dress up with a lovely, pencil skirt and a pair of knee high boots.

What is better is that a poncho is flattering on all body types.

Have you given any thought to a poncho?


As much as I love, fashion and consider myself as a fashion n forward type of woman. I just cannot get with a poncho. Every time I hear of them or someone suggest a poncho to me, I always think of this man, Mr. Rice. When I was a kid in small town, America. He was nice, that Mr. Rice, but he was also very old and missing some fingers. Kind of weird if I am being honest. Anyway, when it rain or sleet he had this hideous reddish brown poncho. Ugh! Ever since then I have had a repellant to ponchos. I do not care how these great designers try to spin it. I flash back to Mr. Rice the crossing guard.

Lately I have been seeing them everywhere. In every store, I go into. Ponchos, ponchos, ponchos. There is no way to get away from them.

Then yesterday I stopped in my favorite boutique. I love this store. They are so personal. Once you become a customer, they always look out for you and your style. I do not know if they keep a list of every girl’s size and measurements. However, every time I go they have put aside a few pieces that are exact to my measurements. I cannot remember one time that I have been in there and they have selected an outfit that I did not like.

Whatever they suggest I get. Especially my girl, Naima, she has the best taste. Until she brought this poncho.

At least that is what I thought. She was right, it look great on me.

Just Prepare

If you are like me and have kids then you have to deal with stains and spills all the time. What do they do all day but divulge different techniques on how to make a mess. No matter what I do and how much I clean, there is always a mess. Ugh. It is downright tiring. If it was not for Theo love of my family, I do not know how I would manage to do it.

That leads me to the topic of this blog. How to get stains out of your favorite coat. Here at the coat shop I like to share tips and advice on how to take care and prolong the life of your outerwear.

After spending so much money of such a part of the wardrobe, it just makes sense to do what you can to keep it in top-notched shape. Some people, especially those with children, think this is not possible. However, trust me; if it works in house with my messy tribe, it can work anywhere.

Dry Clean, Please

I know for some people dry cleaning may seem like an unwanted expense. Let me tell you, just regular dry cleaning will add years to your coat, pants, and jeans, whatever. Do not wash any coat at home, pay a few dollars and let the professionals do it.

Stain Guard is Your Friend

I love stain guard. Just watching a bad problem roll off like beads of sweat down a fat man’s back. With just a little preparation, like spaying a stain blocker and repellant will be worth it.

The Perfect Coat

Today I saw the cutest coat. It was so beautiful. Perfectly tailored, it fit me like a glove. In a lovely cream with gold buttons. Aww it was just simply in one word…gorgeous.

What is crazy it was completely random how I came across it? I was not even out shopping.

Isn’t that how all the best things happen though? When you least expect it? There you are going along in your life and then bam something wonderful happens. It just blows you away. Those are the surprises in life that I live for.

Back to the story at hand. There I was running around town taking care of errands. Making calls, picking up groceries, getting household items together. The usual stuff you do on a Saturday morning. I like to take care of this stuff early in the morning while everyone is still in the house asleep. That is my time of peace.

However, I digress. There I was walking along our downtown, on Main Street. Enjoying a lovely cup of chocolate frozen yogurt with sprinkles when I noticed this little shop. Really, it was nothing but a hole in the wall. I almost walked right past it.

However as I was about to walk on by, a piece of glitter and twinkle caught my eye. Whatever it was I had to see.

Noticing an open sign in the window I made my through the door. It turns out that glitter was nothing but a pompom.

Nevertheless, right next to it was the coat!

Girls’ Spring Jackets

There are so many looks for children spring coats and jackets. When you are shopping for your kids spring jackets in the next couple of weeks, look for these styles. They are really cute, young and fresh.

This this particular post I will focus on girls coats. Only because there ae so many to choose from. One must be completely inform when it comes fashion. Even when it comes to children fashions.

Depending on your little girl age, size, and complexion I know that you can find a right fit with these following looks.

Trench Coat

I love a trench coat on little girls. It has so grown up and adult looking that it is utterly adorable. Depending on your child style, this may be a look for any girl. Coming in an array of color, cuts and length this type of coat will look great on any child. Giving her an edge of sophistication.

Three Quarter Sleeve Length Jean Jacket

This great lightweight coat is really nice and durable. Allowing her to play during recess and carry on without having to worry about its care. All the while remaining cute and girlie.

Let us face a denim jacket is timeless and looks great no matter the age of the person wearing it!

Fur Line Vest

I know this is not technically a coat but it is in the coat family. Giving a sporty and rugged look. The lack of sleeves makes it a great transition piece of any girl’s wardrobe.

Spring Jackets–Choose Now

Today was a gorgeous day. The temperature rose a little giving everyone a taste of spring. Which got me to thinking I need a transitional jacket. Something that can accommodate the light crispness in the air. It is warm during the day but cool in the morning and night.

Which got me to searching for a great jacket, in order to be ready for the for real weather change. One can never be too prepared. Right?

Here I am up in the wee hours of the morning because I have to find that perfect jacket. Which is smart because all of the good deals go quick. Not to mention my size and go to color for my complexion.

So far, I have manage to find quite a few selections. I will share with my readers. Because, you may be in the same boat as myself. It is never too late to start preparing for spring. Who knows it may come early.

Classic Leather Jacket

Since the beginning of time, men have worn leather of some sort. Maybe not eth beautifully tailor, spiced chai colored, well fitted that I am currently drooling over. Always a good look, one that will never go out of style.

Delicious Denim Jacket

I love denim jackets I owned like fifteen. They are so cute and causal. They go with any outfit, choose a great wash and fit.

A Bomber Jacket

Get yourself a bomber jacket. The style and patterns available this season are remarkable.

My Splurge

What is hot for the twenty sixteen year of change and metamorphism in regards to coats?

Look no further for you have come to the right place.

Now I often mention choosing a classical look that will be able to be worn for many seasons to come. It is very I=sensible and practical. A good quality coat is going to cost you a few dollars. I am not one to shy away from expense for the sake of quality.

This is why I am often a fan of choosing a coat that both high in quality and short in trendy. The reason something is trendy is because it is not meant to last but a season or two, then it is on to the next one.

Even this conscious consumer love to splurge every occasionally. I often say that it is nice to treat yourself. Hey, you work hard for your money why not get something you like. I know I do.

These are my favorite, number one, 2016 splurge coat and design. That trend or not it is simply to die for.

A cape coat

This is not my style but after seeing a few of them on the runways in New York, I am now a fan. The open, lay it across the shoulder look is so elegant and sophisticated. I cannot help but tip my hat to it. Especially in a very lovely cream color. Yes, this is worthy of a splurge.

Men Winter Fashion-Coats

My last post was on men coats. I realized that not every man wants or will wear a double-breasted pea coat. In this current post, I would like to suggest a few other cuts and designs of coats. I hope that to fit the style of any man.

Bomber Jacket

I do like this military inspired coat. Especially if it is fit just right. Not to big nor too tight. A great fit and this jacket can be warned to the office or to the game.

Trench coat

Whenever I think of a trench coat, I always picture older men in rimmed horned glasses with a derby hat and a cigar in his mouth. Let me tell you those are the trench of the past. Nowadays the trench has been updated to fit the style of any person no matter his age.

Anorak Parka

I love this coat for both men and women. The coat is so flattering that it will fit any shape and height. Another bonus of this coat is that it does what it is supposed to do, which is keep you warm This coat comes in all sorts of colors combination and button design that it is widely appealing.

Duffle Coat

I know many people may read this and wonder what a duffle coat is. In fact, it is very common coat, one that Yahve seen on many men and boys alike. Usually akin to the trench coat but it will be affixed with gorgeous wooden buttons and a hood.

Men’s Coat

I love men’s fashion. I do not know what it is but a well dress man is something that everyone should experience. It is nothing like it. Well groomed, immaculate dress, and please do not let him smell good as well. Lord have mercy. That is something.

When it comes to a man choosing the perfect coat there are so many style and patterns to choose from, however we will only go with those classic looks. Those looks that are timeless.

In my experience, most men do not really care to shop. Alternatively, they just do not have the time. When choosing a jacket choose one that if properly, care for it can be worn for many seasons. Trends are great but they are limited and flaky. They change from season to season sometimes from week to week. It’s fun to get caught up in it every once in a while but I always say keep one or two anchor pieces that you can always go to, that looks great three hundred and sixty five days out of the year. Not just for the moment

The double-breasted pea coat is a classic choice. This is one of those coats that looks good on any man, no matter his size or height. It does a great job at dressing up any outfit, be it a pair a jeans and a hoodie or a suit and tie. It is a great look in any type of situation or social calling.